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Welcome to the Circle of Champions.
This game was intended to be used as an unusual way to select prompts for art and creative projects. Unfortunately, due to massive hardware failure the game code was entirely lost and all that remains of the project is this prototype version. This version was intended for use in conjunction with a Twitch audience the twitch features are however, disabled as this copy and was never intended for release.

Rather than allowing the project to disappear into the sands of time, it has been released here for you to enjoy free of charge.

It’s also I guess, a game about killing cockroaches for no reason.

The Game

Choose your Match

Each round takes 100 random prompts from a list of 717, after selecting how many prompts or “Champions”
you would like to have at the end of the round, you can also choose whether or not to spawn in a herd
of hungry Huntsmen spiders on a countdown or immediately, at a variety of spawn rates or even manually
at the press of a key.

Setup the Arena
Using the four buttons along the top of the screen you can spawn a variety of items across the arena, including Landmines and Napalm bombs, Armour and Speed boosts, to aid or hinder the cockroaches in their bid for survival.

Start the Round
To start the round use the large Roach icon in the centre of the top gui, after the round starts the cockroaches will be released. Any that escape the Circle unharmed will automatically become Champions, remaining slots are filled by the last roaches standing. At the end of the Round you will be presented with a list of the Champions and some statistics about the round.


  • Add more prompts to the default list by opening the names.txt file and simply adding new prompts to the list. (One per line.) 
  • The more prompts you end up with the more complicated it will be to incorperate them all into your project, use this as a guide to "difficulty level"
  • The game window at this stage is at a set resolution and cannot be resized or made fullscreen. 
  • It is also sadly only available for Windows PC.


    This is the last remaining prototype version of this game, the source code is lost and sadly no updates
    to it are possible.

    There are still glitches in this version which can in rare cases cause erroneous repeat prompts and champions. There are also still features that are hardwired in from the twitch interface, including IMP STUDIO appearing any time an item is spawned. (originally this was the twitch id of whoever spawned that item)

    I can only apologise for this but again…. Early development, prototype demo, lost source code. This is by NO means representative of a final game, the screenshots on the right do show features from the final version. New screenshots of this version will replace them shortly.


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